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Nei Zhang Ming Yan Wan (Tribulus & Chrysanthemum Combo)
Nei Zhang Ming Yan Wan (Tribulus & Chrysanthemum Combo) Quantity in Basket: None
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Improve Your Vision and Treat Eye Cataracts With Safe, All-Natural
Chinese Supplement!


The Chinese believe that cataracts and other vision problems are often related to the insufficient performance of the liver and kidney, and by treating this insufficiency they have experienced significant vision improvements among patients.

One of the most proven effective treatments that Chinese have come up with over the years is Nei Zhang Ming Yan Wan.

This amazing all-natural supplement supports healthy vision and gets rid of cataracts by strengthening a person's qi and promoting blood circulation. It also delivers all the necessary nutrients needed by the eyes.

How Nei Zhang Ming Yan Wan works:

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the liver stores blood, the kidney stores essence, and blood and essence nourish the eye.

Insufficiency of liver-yin may lead to hyperfunction of liver-yang and consumption of kidney-yin may cause the flaming-up of an asthenic fire, which results in eye diseases such as cataracts.

Nei Zhang Ming Yan Wan supports and nourishes the liver and kidney, and suppresses liver-fire and liver-yang, which is what makes it so suitable for treating internal oculopathy and restoring vision.

In addition to cataracts, Nei Zhang Ming Yan Wan is also good for the treatment of glaucoma, itchy eyes, and weak vision. It is also recommended for people who are recovering from eye surgery.

Benefits associated with taking Nei Zhang Ming Yan Wan:

  • Improves clarity of vision
  • Nourishes the liver and kidney yin and blood
  • Reduces heat
  • Improves circulation of qi and blood
  • Nourishes spleen qi

Don't miss out! It's time you discovered how to treat cataracts and other vision problems safely and naturally.

Order Nei Zhang Ming Yan Wan, today!

CWH180 - 100 Pills
$12.50 per bottle

The dosage for this herb is 8 Pills, 3 times per day. Our experience suggests you will see results after 2-3 weeks, therefore we recommend purchasing 5 bottles.

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